Returns Policy (RMA)

1.0 General Introduction of Returns Policy (RMA)
To obtain a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number, please fill out and submit the Canaan RMA Request Form available at

Do not send products of any kind to Canaan if they do not have a RMA number plainly displayed on the outside of the package. Without a RMA number, packages will be refused by the receiving department and returned to you. When you receive your RMA number, please follow the RMA Instructions completely (see 2.0 Shipping Instructions). This instruction page contains a shipping label. Cut this label out and print the RMA number on the applicable section.

It is the intent of Canaan to provide the smoothest and quickest replacement of defective or failed parts. It is Canaan’s policy to receive the defective part before shipping a new part or repairing the one received from you. In emergency situations we can ship same day the failed part with an over-night shipment. Emergency shipment requires a credit card or company Purchase Order (PO) prior to shipment.

All advanced part shipments, and parts returned, will be shipped to the address entered on the RMA Form. Be sure that this is the address entered on the form.

An RMA Number will be forwarded via E-mail to the E-mail address on the RMA Request Form. It is Canaan’s intent to forward RMA numbers to the customer on the same day the form is received but may take up to two working days for final processing.

If your product is no longer covered by a warranty you will need to supply a credit number or Purchase Order (PO) number to cover repairs. We must have the PO number or credit card number BEFORE we ship a repaired item back to you.

1.1 RMA Repair Warranty
All items repaired by Canaan are under warranty for a period of 90 days. This period applies whether the product was under warranty or not.

1.2 Shipping Policy
In all cases Customers must obtain a RMA number by submitting a RMA Form to Canaan.

Shipping products or parts to Canaan freight prepaid must include an RMA number clearly indicated on the shipping label and on the waybill. Shipments which arrive without a RMA number will be refused and returned to the Customer.

Proper packaging must be used on all return shipments. The customer is liable for any damage in transmit.

2.0 Shipping Instructions
2.1 Packaging
Make sure the product is securely and safely packaged or in its original packaging.

2.2 Insurance
Make sure you have adequate insurance on the product to cover its value before shipping.

2.3 Labeling the box
Make sure that the RMA number is plainly visible on the out side of the package you are sending. Receiving will refuse any packages without RMA number visible on the outside of the package.

Required shipping label:

Canaan Creative Co., Ltd
RMA #: (Add your RMA Number here)
ZPark 23# 307, Haidian, Beijing, China 100094
Note: Manufactured goods being returned for repair

2.4 International
Customers outside China are responsible for any charges (i.e. freight, duties, brokers fee, etc.) to Canaan. All and any charges shall be prepaid.

In warranty – Canaan returns the product or parts to customer according to the Customer’s shipping instructions. Canaan will only cover shipping charges (duties excluded) from a Canaan Repair Center back to the customer. The duties will be billed to the customer.

Out of warranty – Canaan returns the product or parts to the customer according to the Customer’s shipping instructions. All products are shipped back to the customer freight collect.

All international returns must be marked: “Manufactured goods for repair.”

Version 1.0, EN, 2016-08-17