(I) “Canaan marks” in this description means legally held by Canaan Creative Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Canaan Company”) and others now or hereafter owned trademarks, logos, designs or symbols. Canaan Company or its affiliated companies own intellectual property rights of the above marks in accordance with law, including, but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights and trade secrets, etc.

No organization or individual may, without written permission of the Canaan Company:

  1. Use or permit any of its employees to use any rights and interests of Canaan marks.
  2. Use marks which are similar to Canaan marks and thereby create confusion.
  3. Apply for any trademark relating to or containing any Canaan mark.
  4. List Canaan marks on own website or social media account (including, but not limited to WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter and any other platform) in any form, or publish links to the Canaan Company website from own website or platform.

(II) The product user acknowledges and agrees to use products or services provided by Canaan Company in accordance with all applicable laws.

(III) The product user guarantees to not use the product for any illegal purposes nor cause the product to be used in an illegal manner. Liability for all damages caused by violation of this article shall be borne by the product user. The product user shall also be liable for any loss rendered to Canaan Company resulting from such a violation.

(IV) To the extent not prohibited by applicable law, Canaan Company and its affiliated companies, agents or managers may not be held responsible for any personal injury or any incidental, special, indirect or consequential damages, including, but not limited to loss of profits, damages resulting from interruption of service or any other commercial damage or loss, caused due to use of product by product user.

(V) Canaan Company is not liable for damages caused by the inability to use products or services in situations including, but not limited to:

  1. Typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, power failure, war, terrorist attack(s) and other force majeure factors.
  2. Failure to normally use product due to attacks by hacker(s), any technical adjustments or technical failure on part of respective telecom authorities, or any other similar reasons.
  3. Losses resulting from any man-made reason that renders the device unusable.
  4. Damages caused by failure to meet guidelines for normal and acceptable product use (including, but not limited to too low/high voltage, humidity, corrosion and environmental pollution).

(VI) Some services in products provided by Canaan Company may include or provide content, data, information, application software or materials (hereinafter referred to as “third-party materials”) from a third party. When the product user uses such a service, it acknowledges and agrees to the service and its nature thereof. Canaan Company is not responsible for inspecting or evaluating the accuracy, integrity, timeliness, effectiveness, conformity to copyright regulations, legality, appropriateness or quality or any other aspect of such third-party materials. Canaan Company and its managers, affiliated companies and subsidiaries do not make any guaranties nor give recognition to any third-party service and third-party materials, nor undertake and bear any responsibility on behalf of product user or any other person.

(VII) The product user consents with full knowledge to Canaan Company providing products and services for rival entities, and the product user agrees to clearly exempt such behavior of Canaan Company from any actual or potential conflict of interest.

(VIII) The product user cannot by themselves or by way of urging others, attempt to obtain protected information pertaining to the technology of relevant product through dis-assembly, analysis and any other mode of reverse engineering.

(IX) Any advice or information obtained by the product user from Canaan Company or its staff, regardless of such an advice or information being obtained in written or oral form, does not constitute assurance guarantee of the company’s products.

(X) Canaan Company does not provide any form of guarantee for products and relevant services, including, but not limited to the following matters:

  1. Products meeting the requirements of the user.
  2. Products being used without interference or free from errors.
  3. Any product and service data obtained by the product user meeting the expectation of the user.
  4. The matters that a user uses the product to execute and reach completion.

(XI) Any feedback regarding products provided by product user is deemed to be non-confidential. Canaan Company may at any time use such information without being restricted.

(XII) If products provided by Canaan Company are made available through a cooperating entity, the cooperating entity is responsible for the quality and content of services provided by it.

(XIII) The product user is urged to use the product after having carefully read the disclaimer; use of product or any accessory device implies that the user has carefully read the disclaimer and accepts being bound by it.

(XIV) Please abide by local laws and regulations when you use our product.

(XV) The above clauses do not form an exhaustive list of the responsibilities and obligations of the Canaan Company regarding its products, and existing conventions cannot ensure full conformity with the demands accompanying future developments. Canaan Company reserves the right to make change to the disclaimer and terms of use contained within the same at any time, and publish the same on its website (https://canaan.io). If there is any conflict between terms of use included with products or those published on the website, the latter shall prevail.

Version 1.0, EN, 2018-1-11