Order Process

Before you place an order it is important to understand the order process. Placing an Order is only the beginning of the process. To complete your order and receive product there are a few critical steps you will have to go through.

There are a few things that will slow your order down. Asking for “pick up”. We do not support pick up at our factory or warehouse. To comply with regulations for global sales ( Sales outside China ) we are required to ship through authorized exporters. Asking for delivery inside china will also slow your order down. Our focus is sales outside China. It is possible to ship to destinations inside China, but it is outside our normal work flow and will not be given priority. If you ask for delivery inside China you will likely go to the bottom of our priority list.

Here are the stages your order will go through before it is accepted.

Stage 1:   HOLD

When you initially place your order it will normally be placed on HOLD status. We place your order on HOLD until we collect all the information we need from you required to complete an order. We require the following:

A)  A wire transfer from a company account, not a personal account. Many customers place orders without having a company account that they can wire from. Regulations require that we accept funds only from Company accounts.

B) We will collect and verify your shipping address. The Order you enter generates an estimated shipping cost. Depending on your exact address and the time of year the actual shipping may differ. Normally the difference is small. But your order is placed on hold until these details are finalized. Some countries, like Russia, are harder to ship to than others.

C) You should have an import licence to accept the goods. We will inquire about your import licence. If you do not have one, we will work with you to arrange an import company who will help you import the goods. There is a nomimal fee for this service. Please be patient as customers ahead of you in line may require additional assistance. Return customers typically dont have to do this step a sceond time.

D) Inventory Check.  Your order will be on HOLD status  until we secure inventory from our factory. Inventory is shipped from our factory to our Beijing Warehouse every week. Once we are sure that the product you ordered is in the warehouse and ready for shipping, we will move to the next step.

Stage 2.  Gathering Information.

After you place your order a sales associate will contact you to get all the necessary information we require in order to ship your product.  You will be on hold until they are ready to move forward. When they are ready they will request that you provide them with information about your import company, your bank, and your operation.


Stage 3.   Pending Payment

Once your importing details are settled and once we secure your inventory in our warehouse, we will provide you with payment details. We will give you wiring instructions and a final invoice. If you are waiting for wiring instructions, the reason is typically that we are waiting for your inventory to arrive in the warehouse or waiting on securing a flight out for your product.  We do not accept pre payment. We want to be 100% sure that when we accept your funds that we have the stock in our physical possesion.

If you are a returning customer you will of course have the wiring details. We cannot stop you from paying early. However, we think it is better that you wait until we ask you to pay. That way we are sure we can ship within a few days.  Once we have given you the go ahead to pay, and receive your funds we will start the next stage. If you pay before you are given instructions to pay, there is no assurance we have the product ready to go. Please wait to pay until you are instructed to pay

Stage 4.  Payment Received.

Once we have recieved your payment, we will mail you. We will then notify the warehouse that they can begin the process of shipping your order. If you have any questions at this stage email shipping@canaan.io

Stage 5.  Notify Warehouse

Once we have received payment the warehouse will be notified that they can pack and ship your product

Stage 6.  Shipping

Once your order has left China and is in transit your status will be changed to “shipping”

Stage 7. Completed.

Your order will enter the completed stage when your product is confirmed as delivered.

If you have any questions about this process please email lily@canaan.io

Or  you can enter a ticket on the ticket system.


Our principle customers are Mining farms.  Every Controller can manage 20 miners. Our bulk pack product is designed specifically for Miners and contains the correct number of controllers and AUC for a mining operation. If your business is reselling miners to individuals, then you will have to buy products designed for reselling. In these configurations we supply more controllers and AUC as you have to plan for the individual miner.

Set up for   10 miners