What is the Canaan AvalonMiner 721 Humidity operation range?

The Canaan AvalonMiner’s operate in a wind range of environments

Currently, we have these statistics:

Liquid ingress protection: 0
Ideal Environmental Operation Humidity: 30~80%

Best case is to use your own judgment about the operation of your miner and in general use datacenter best hosting practices for high power, high heat high performance computers and you will be safe.

In the Controller Dashboard, what does the Voltage Offset option do?

We added a Voltage Offset option for users because each AvalonMiner is different with each other because of the inclusion of so many high performance chips. The AvalonMiners are very sensitive with voltage, so the “Voltage Offset” option is used for tweaking the AvalonMiner’s voltage. If the miner works well, we suggest to not change the voltage.
And, the lower voltage offset, the lower power. So if the miner works well with -2, it just means the miner has better health.

May I use one AvalonMiner Controller (including Raspberry Pi 1, 2, & 3) with mixed Canaan AvalonMiner A6, A721 & A741?

Controller means AvalonMiner Controller (including Raspberry Pi 1, 2, & 3) in this FAQ.

Canaan recommends that you connect different types of AvalonMiner product series to separate Controllers. So if you have 5 X A6, 10 X A721 and 7 X A741, you would connect the A6 to one Controller, the A721 to another Controller, and the A741 to yet another Controller. Technically you could connect the A721 and A741 to the same controller, but then the voltage offset will be the same for both the A721 and the A741 in your chain. Of course, each Controller can manage 20 AvalonMiners, so if you have more than 20 units, you need to plan your setup accordingly.

Could I use your personal computer to use an AvalonMiner?

Yes, this is possible. Some advanced users of the AvalonMiner want to run cgminer using a Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer. It is recommended that users of the AvalonMiner products use our AvalonMiner Controller product to make mining as simple as possible with the least issues. We STRONGLY do not recommend that you use these methods for running the miners because of how miners are now mining together in pools and the software setup is only for advanced experienced developers.

Here however are guides which can help with this process if you want to proceed at your own caution:

What is your support service for your AvalonMiner products?

Hi, the details of our support service is available here: https://canaan.io/support and https://canaan.io/legal/

Our support service is strong! We have a public ticket system for registered users and then we have the strong 90 day return policy and full 2 year limited warranty on workmanship described above. Beyond that, we can make special service relationship depending up on your needs and datacenter size.

What do the LED colors mean for the AUC3 & AvalonMiner 741?

When operating your AvalonMiner 741 (or A721), you need to connect your AvalonMiner Controller to your AvalonMiner 741 (or 721) from micro-USB cable to AUC3, and then plug in an I2C cable from the AUC3 to your AvalonMiner 741 (or 721). There is a different colored LED light that shows different status of the AUC3. The blue LED means the AUC3 is working normally. When AUC3 receives power, the LED becomes green. Later when the machine is operating at a normal state, the LED turns blue.

Here is a more technical description of the LED colors for the AvalonMiner.

And, here is the more technical description for LED colors for AUC3.

What is the optimum temperature for operating an AvalonMiner 721 in a datacenter?

The optimum air inktake for an AvalonMiner 721 is -5C ~ 40C. That means that if you run many AvalonMiner 721 together or in a room, the air temperature should be between this limit. Ideally, your datacenter’s goal is to run your AvalonMiner in parallel as cool as possible. That means, when running a datacenter you need to pay special attention to running your datacenter as cool as possible.