In the Controller Dashboard, what does the Voltage Offset option do?

We added a Voltage Offset option for users because each AvalonMiner is different with each other because of the inclusion of so many high performance chips. The AvalonMiners are very sensitive with voltage, so the “Voltage Offset” option is used for tweaking the AvalonMiner’s voltage. If the miner works well, we suggest to not change the voltage.
And, the lower voltage offset, the lower power. So if the miner works well with -2, it just means the miner has better health.

How do I connect a power supply unit to my miner so it is always powered on?

DISCLAIMER: Please make sure to first turn off and keep your power supply unplugged.

You do not need to connect the AvalonMiner to any computer motherboard. Instead, the trick that miners use is to cut a paperclip and fold into a “U” shape. Then, insert one end into the green wire and the other end into either black wire on the normal motherboard connector cable. Use electrical tape to tape up the connection safely.

Then, the power supply on and off switch controls the power on or off for your power supply.

May I use one AvalonMiner Controller (including Raspberry Pi 1, 2, & 3) with mixed Canaan AvalonMiner A6, A721 & A741?

Controller means AvalonMiner Controller (including Raspberry Pi 1, 2, & 3) in this FAQ.

Canaan recommends that you connect different types of AvalonMiner product series to separate Controllers. So if you have 5 X A6, 10 X A721 and 7 X A741, you would connect the A6 to one Controller, the A721 to another Controller, and the A741 to yet another Controller. Technically you could connect the A721 and A741 to the same controller, but then the voltage offset will be the same for both the A721 and the A741 in your chain. Of course, each Controller can manage 20 AvalonMiners, so if you have more than 20 units, you need to plan your setup accordingly.

How do I upgrade my AvalonMiner and AvalonMiner Controller?

This guide is targeted at Avalon 6,  AvalonMiner 721 and AvalonMiner 741, called “AvalonMiner” in this guide to be upgraded by the AvalonMiner Controller (including Raspberry Pi 3), to be called “Controller” in this guide.

To upgrade the AvalonMiner, please insure your AvalonMiner is connected to a Controller. Make sure as well, you can access your Controller from a simple web browser successfully. This interface is called the Controller “Dashboard”.

Update Your Controller

  1. Access your Controller’s Dashboard.
  2. Click left-hand menu button “Advanced Version”.
  3. Click “System” tab.
  4. Click “Backup / Flash Firmware” tab.
  5. In the “Flash new firmware image” section, click “Choose File”
  6. Select the latest image provided from Canaan Support page for your product.
  7. Click “Flash image…”
  8. Wait on image to completely be written, at least 1-2 minutes of time.

Update Your AvalonMiner

  1. Access your Controller’s Dashboard.
  2. Click left-hand menu button “Advanced Version”.
  3. Click the top menu “Status” tab.
  4. Click the “MM Upgrade” tab.
  5. In the “Flash new MM firmware image” section.
  6. Click “Choose File”
  7. Select the appropriate MM firmware image.
  8. Click “Upload”
  9. Wait at least 3-5 minutes for the process to complete.

That is it! We will continue to improve this guide. If you found any issues with this guide, please submit a ticket and help us improve.