AvalonMiner 741 Power connectors

With the AvalonMiner 741 we updated the number and quality of power connectors


Canaan AvalonMiner 741: The ROQSolid Miner, Refined. AvalonMiner 741 through a series of internal circuit optimization, the number of external power supply interface is adjusted to 6. This change improves the power compatibility, and enhance the user experience. Meanwhile, integrated Airforming Cooling technology, which not only can better protect the fan, but also better gather and export the heat inside to improve the efficiency of heat dissipation. More reliable, open, and even higher quality. Designed to last for the long hash.

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If you have more questions, please do submit a support ticket.


New AvalonMiner Controller & AvalonMiner 721 MM Software Released

Adjust the machine operation restoration at high temperature, improved hashrate statistics.
Improved startup operation and added temperature filtering.

AvalonMiner Controller

(Support Rpi 1, 2, and 3)

Firmware Details



  • Download link: Avalon Firmware – 20161229
  • CGMiner: Convert the avalon7 fan control to use a PID-like feedback mechanism for optimal fan speed and quasi-constant temperature
  • CGMiner: Use diff1 and diff rejected to calculate hashrate in avalon7 for a more stable displayed hashrate
  • CGMiner: Update nonce mask from 31 to 29
  • CGMiner: Add a new option voltage offset
  • CGMiner: Add nonce mask to API
  • CGMiner: Add voltage offset to API
  • CGMiner: Fix freeze in too hot mode
  • LuCI: Add voltage offset support
  • LuCI: Fix reboot issue
  • LuCI: Add a default stratum pool
  • OpenWrt: Bump version to 851a890647205e58363f391664696104a6608464
  • OpenWrt: Change cgminer monitor to test 3 minutely
  • OpenWrt: Add https support for wget


MM Firmware(Support  the AvalonMiner 721)

Firmware Details



  • Version 7211612-6cf14b0
  • Download link: 2016-12-30
  • Fix crc errors caused by stratum update
  • Add a new EC(CODE_HUFAILED)
  • Add a filter to temperature capture

AvalonMiner 721 & AvalonMiner Controller Software Update

Software Update and How to Update Your AvalonMiner & Controller

Canaan engineers have been hard at work to bring a software update to the AvalonMiner 721 and AvalonMiner Controller. As announced previously, our latest software update brings improved hashrate, improved API and bug fixes.

It is simple to update your setup from the AvalonMiner Controller. If you are not familiar with how to update your AvalonMiner 721 and AvalonMiner Controller, please read our FAQ about the topic: How do I upgrade my AvalonMiner and AvalonMiner Controller?

AvalonMiner 721 Power Connectors

With the AvalonMiner 721 we upgraded the number and quality of power connectors.

The AvalonMiner 721 is ROQ Solid. In the AvalonMiner 721 we upgraded the number and quality of power connectors to increase efficiency and reliability of the AvalonMiner 721. The front face of the AvalonMiner 721 now has “8-on-front” 6-pin female power connectors so that an operator connects 8 of a power supply unit’s 6-pin male power connectors to an AvalonMiner 721. In our tests, Canaan has seen a 5-8 % increase in efficiency in our latest generation miner by moving from 4 power connectors to 8. Also, by connecting 8-on-front power connectors with quality cables, an AvalonMiner 721 should run even more consistently and reliably.

Please read more about the AvalonMiner 721 Power Connectors in this FAQ Question. If you have more questions, please do submit a support ticket.

Update New Controller and MM Firmware for AvalonMiner 721

AvalonMiner Controller

Firmware Details



  • Version: 20161121
  • Download link: 20161121
  • CGMiner: Support AvalonMiner 721
  • CGMiner: Add VIN to API
  • CGMiner: Added connection overload detection and API entry
  • CGMiner: Fix display mm status when stratum pool is failed
  • CGMiner: Fix hashrate issue caused by overheat
  • CGMiner: Flush useless works when new block was found



MM Firmware(Support  the AvalonMiner 721)

  • Version: 7211611-a574890
  • Download link: 2016-11-21
  • Add PG check support
  • Fix config and pll check
  • Update pwm controller
NOTE: The previous firmware works for AvalonMiner 721. The above firmware released for the AvalonMiner Controller and Raspberry Pi 1, 2, and 3 is officially starting to support AvalonMiner 721 from this current version. If there is a phenomenon where a user can update the MM firmware stating “it is not recognized,” please note that the controller firmware is normal.

New MM firmware released for AvalonMiner 6.0, Hardware model: MM-60, Version: 601608-6dffde40

New MM firmware released for AvalonMiner 6.0, Hardware model: MM-60, Version: 601607-2a78bc90. Update led status

Firmware Details



  • Update: Update led status


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IRC: #avalon @freenode.net