Update New Controller and MM Firmware for AvalonMiner 741 (ONLY support AvalonMiner 741)

Software Update and How to Update Your AvalonMiner & Controller (ONLY for AvalonMiner 741)

AvalonMiner Controller

(Support Rpi 1, 2, and 3)

Firmware Details



  • Version: Avalon Firmware – 20170603
  • Download link: Avalon Firmware – 20170603
  • CGMiner: Add factory info support
  • LuCI: Remove useless options
  • OpenWrt: Add AvalonMiner Controller Gen 2 support



MM Firmware(ONLY Support  AvalonMiner 741)

  • Version: 7411706-3162860
  • Download link: 7411706-3162860
  • Add factory info support
  • Add AvalonMiner Controller Gen 2 support
NOTE: This version firmware and MM updated ONLY for AvalonMiner 741.
And if you would like to update firmware and MM of your AvalonMiner 721, please submit your first ticket.

Canaan at FOSSASIA 2017: Blockchain Software for Hardware

The Canaan AvalonMiner Open Source Embedded System

Canaan accepted an invitation to present about blockchain technology at the annual FOSSASIA 2017 Summit, the premier Free and Open Source technology conference in Asia for developers, designers, start-ups, and contributors. With over 230 topics from more than 1,200 people from more than 70 cities all coming together at the Science Centre Singapore from March 17 and March 19, 2017, Canaan presented on “The Canaan AvalonMiner Open Source Embedded System.”

Canaan’s AvalonMiner brand is the first ASIC mining microprocessor and is the premier open source solution in blockchain securing server technology. In the presentation, Canaan’s chief of software, Qin Fengling described the entire process from start to finish of how to make the embedded system in the Canaan AvalonMiner products.

Thanks to the organizers of FOSSASIA 2017 and to all our open source contributors. If you are not already following us, please do at Github.

Here are the slides from the event:

New AvalonMiner Controller & AvalonMiner 721 MM Software Released

Adjust the machine operation restoration at high temperature, improved hashrate statistics.
Improved startup operation and added temperature filtering.

AvalonMiner Controller

(Support Rpi 1, 2, and 3)

Firmware Details



  • Download link: Avalon Firmware – 20161229
  • CGMiner: Convert the avalon7 fan control to use a PID-like feedback mechanism for optimal fan speed and quasi-constant temperature
  • CGMiner: Use diff1 and diff rejected to calculate hashrate in avalon7 for a more stable displayed hashrate
  • CGMiner: Update nonce mask from 31 to 29
  • CGMiner: Add a new option voltage offset
  • CGMiner: Add nonce mask to API
  • CGMiner: Add voltage offset to API
  • CGMiner: Fix freeze in too hot mode
  • LuCI: Add voltage offset support
  • LuCI: Fix reboot issue
  • LuCI: Add a default stratum pool
  • OpenWrt: Bump version to 851a890647205e58363f391664696104a6608464
  • OpenWrt: Change cgminer monitor to test 3 minutely
  • OpenWrt: Add https support for wget


MM Firmware(Support  the AvalonMiner 721)

Firmware Details



  • Version 7211612-6cf14b0
  • Download link: 2016-12-30
  • Fix crc errors caused by stratum update
  • Add a new EC(CODE_HUFAILED)
  • Add a filter to temperature capture

AvalonMiner 721 & AvalonMiner Controller Software Update

Software Update and How to Update Your AvalonMiner & Controller

Canaan engineers have been hard at work to bring a software update to the AvalonMiner 721 and AvalonMiner Controller. As announced previously, our latest software update brings improved hashrate, improved API and bug fixes.

It is simple to update your setup from the AvalonMiner Controller. If you are not familiar with how to update your AvalonMiner 721 and AvalonMiner Controller, please read our FAQ about the topic: How do I upgrade my AvalonMiner and AvalonMiner Controller?