Avalon 841 Performance update

The first lot of production is complete on the 841 and the results are in:

Every Avalon miner is stress tested after final assembly and then a cutoff specification is applied. For the  Avalon 841 that cutoff is 13TH. If a finished product does not reach that level of performance it doesn’t earn the label  841.  But that specification hides the true performance of the machine. Customers ask, how can you achieve 13TH with 104 chips when the competition requires 189. The answer is superior chip design. The 841 represents our 4th iteration at 16nm and our experience shows us that there is still more optimization that can be performed at this feature size.  The chart above shows the actual hash rate at test for the  first production batch.  As with all our products we ship a machine that is tested to perform at or above  the spec. The current average hash rate you can expect is 13.55TH and the median  hash rate  is  13.61 TH