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    Bitcoin broke through $11,000, it’s a good time to mining
    publish date 2020-10-12

    The biggest cryptocurrency by market value has risen by 3.5% to levels above $11,000 in the past 24 hours, confirming an upside break of a narrowing price range represented by trendlines connecting Sept 19 and Oct 1 highs and Sept 8 and Sept 23 lows, according to CoinDesk.


    Starting with the bitcoin halving in May this year, the increase in the hashrate and mining difficulty directly reflects optimistic expectations of miners on the long-term trend of the bitcoin prices. Moreoverthe increasing difficulty of mining has forced the upgrading of mining production capacity.


    Now is a good time to mining. Canaan has released the AvalonMiner1246 with a hashrate of 90TH/s, a power consumption of 3420W, and a power efficiency of 38J/TH. The A1246 to meet the needs for higher hashrate and higher efficiency of our customers.

    According to BTC.COM, in the first week of October, the hashrate of bitcoin remained around 141EH/s, with an average mining difficulty of 19.30T, an increase of 11% compared with September this year. Significantly, the hashrate started to recover in the past 24 hours, rising 8% to 152.65 EH/s. The beginning of a new round of mining competition.


    Since January 2020, the mining difficulty has risen by more than 47.5%. The data shows that the mining difficulty is upward by 1.5%, when the mining difficulty breakthrough 19.5T. From April, the 90T-100T range of higher hashrate miners began to enter the market.


    Canaan has reinvented the spirit of the AvalonMiner and brand, and has developed the concept of “Avalon Made” to iterate both its engineering culture and spirit of craftsmanship to create high-quality products and service. Canaan successively released new machines such as A1166 Pro and A1246. The A1246 is first product with a hashrate of 90TH/s of Canaan.


    The A1246 has been optimized for the deployment and use of mining farms.


    The A1246 integrates the power supply with the enclosure. The new solid structure and the unique reinforcement design ensure its sturdiness and reliability. Inside the A1246, the enclosure is embedded with reinforced card slots to improve the reliability of the machine. The pull-push hash board allows a direct pull from the enclosure, making it easier for replacement and maintenance. The fan of A1246 is equipped with a temperature sensor, and the MM board can adjust the fan speed according to the environment and chip temperature.


    In terms of software, it is designed to automatically accommodate changing environment to ensure the operating stability of farms. What’s more, the FMS can monitor the miner’s conditions at any time, while supporting visualization and human-machine interaction. And the auto alert will detect operating anomalies and shut down the machine when a malfunction significantly affects the hashrate, reducing electric bills.


    The A1246 has an embedded anti-tamper mechanism, which is in the MM board, analyzes fluctuations in hashrate through intelligent algorithms, adjusts the fan speed, and identifies potential network attacks and loopholes. Moreover, it stabilizes the hashrate to be within a reliable range to prevent hashrate loss.


    A new round of hashrate competition has begun, Canaan will bring more high-quality products to our customers, and will meet the bull market opportunities with many of miners.

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