841 Released

Canaan’s newest miner has been released to mass production, with a specified hash rate of 13TH and power consumption of 1290 Watts, or .099 Joules per Gigahash. In the field.  The official spec is  13TH -5%+10%.

Key Benefits of Avalon Miners

  • Actual Delivered Performance:  all of our miners are burn-in tested to meet the spec. As many of our existing customers know, we typically deliver performance in excess of the specification–unlike others
  • In Feild Reliability: our Miners are designed to last 2 years and not burnout. Our in field failure rate is better than 1%. The competition doesn’t come close to matching as users typically experience infant mortality rates of 5% or greater. Downtime is money in Bitcoin mining and avalons are designed to last.
  • Maintainability: our miners are designed for maintainability. Should you experience a failure, all you need to repair a system is a screwdriver and a new board. We ship you boards and you can be back running in a short period of time.

Visit the store to see your options  for buying the  841.  It’s available  now in a bundle with 821,  or alone  for shipment in April.

Special offer for march buyers will be some spare machines included with every order.

For Quantities over 1000 please contact  steve@canaan.io  for volume pricing.

841 datasheet