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    Canaan’s new A1166Pro achieves a 81TH/s hashrate
    publish date 2020-08-26

    On August 17, AvalonMiner released its  A1166Pro with a hashrate of 81TH/s±3%, a power consumption of 3400W±5%, and a power efficiency of 42J/TH. It is AvalonMiner’s first product with a hashrate of 81TH/s.


    1. 28% higher hashrate for greater stability


    Compared to the A1146Pro, the A1166Pro’s hashrate is 28% higher and uses 19% less power consumption . With 22+ hours of mining, the real-time hashrate of the A1166Pro is 82.5TH/s while averaging around 82.48TH/s, which exceeds its rated amount.



    2. Integrated design for better reliability


    The A1166Pro integrates the power supply with the enclosure. Its maximum voltage is 285V, with a frequency ranging from 50 Hz to 60 Hz and alternating current is capped at 16A. The compact aluminum enclosure has a net weight of 12.8 kg. The bare machine dimensions (331 mm × 195 mm × 292 mm) provide greater flexibility and fit various cabinet sizes.

    3. Four fans for better heat dissipation


    To improve heat dissipation, the A1168Pro is equipped with high-temperature-resistant 12038 Cooler Master fans. The front dual fans are the air inlet. Their seven blades further increase the air contact area and pressure, deepening the penetration of air flow to the enclosure while blowing away interior dust. This design effectively prevents dust accumulation over time on the hash boards, which may cause a short circuit due to static electricity.


    The fan has a voltage of 12V and a direct current of 4.5A. The rear dual fans will push away warm interior air to achieve better heat dissipation.

    The external mesh fan can protect maintenance workers from a blade injury caused by accidental contact with its surface.


    4. Latest software and management platform for miners


    In terms of software, it is designed to dynamically accommodate changing mining sites to safeguard the operating stability of miners, minimize impacts on the site grid, and extend mining life. What’s more, the new web management platform can monitor the miner’s conditions at any time, while supporting visualization and human-machine interaction. On top of that, the auto alert will detect operating anomalies and shut down the machine when a malfunction significantly affects the hashrate, reducing electric bills.


    5. Quicker maintenance


    Inside the A1166Pro, the enclosure is embedded with reinforced card slots to improve the reliability of the machine. The pull-push hash board allows a direct pull from the enclosure, making it easier for replacement and maintenance.


    6. Safeguards for hashrate


    The A1166Pro has an embedded anti-tamper mechanism. The built-in AI chip, which is in the main control board, analyzes fluctuations in hashrate through intelligent algorithms, adjusts the fan speed, and identifies potential network attacks and loopholes. Moreover, it stabilizes the hashrate to be within a reliable range to prevent hashrate loss.


    The official website of our A1166Pro is now available. For purchase order inquiries, please visit our official website.

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