821 Announcement

Happy Holidays ,

Yesterday in  Hangzhou we announced our Avalon 821, and laid out the roadmap for the 841, 861, 921 and Avalon 10 series.

Avalon 741 is end of life: the last batch is being produced and is promised to customers/distributors who will receiving their final shipments shortly.

Avalon 761, our solution with integrated PSU  is likewise End of Life. The last batch is being built and will ship out in early Jan.

821:  The Avalon 821 will ship at 11 TH (terahash) and 1200 Watts for a power efficiency of 109Watts per TH, a great improvement over the 741 which was rated at 150 Watts/TH.

841: the Avalon 841 will ship at 13TH and 1200 Watts for a power efficiency of  92 Watts/TH. I expect this to be a Q2 Product.

It’s too early to talk about the 861 (integrated PSU), the 921 and 10 series, but 2018 promises to be a great year.

821 Prices:   We have not yet settled on price for 821, but it will be driven by market forces and the price of Bitcoin. Demand for product is more than 10X of the supply and the pricing in the spot market clearly reflects this. As well, the price of BTC has drawn in many new customers. As soon as I have pricing I will communicate it to you. Please do not ask for it, we will tell everyone at the same time.

Ship dates: After we finish the last 741 and 761,  the 821 will go into production in January. I wish I had exact dates, but as of today I only have estimates. We should be able to ship to a small number of customers in late January. We will contact the customers who have been selected for January shipment, so please be patient.

In February and March volumes will increase, but be advised that February has Chinese New Year and we will shut down between the 14th and the 23rd.

Distributors:  We are no longer accepting applications for resellers. Given the constraints in supply, we will only add a small number of new distributors. Hopefully in Q2 we will be able to open up the opportunity. If you have signed up, we will be going over our list and making our selections.

New Forecast:  When we have pricing we will be asking everyone to do a new forecast based on the pricing. A forecast is your estimate of how many machines you will order. Do not simply put down a large number to get our attention. We select customers both large and small and if you do not order what you forecast your entire order will be cancelled.