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    Kendryte AI access control : Face recognition works even with masks
    publish date 2020-06-09

    Canaan released the AI access control its equipped with edge computing AI chip K210which supports face recognition of wearing maskswith an accuracy rate of 97.4%. The Canaan AI access control has features millisecond recognition, widely used in various scenarios such as office building, industrial parks, and hospitals etc.



    Face recognition with masks : The accuracy rate was 97.4%


    The process of face recognition is extracting facial image features and comparing them. However, when people wearing masks their face is obscured by a large area, so the traditional face recognition method cannot extracting the facial features effectively.


    Through the training of the face image with masks, the accuracy rate of the Canaan AI access control has reached 97.4%.


    Millisecond recognition : Face feature extraction and comparison within 150ms


    In order to improve the efficiency of face recognition, Canaan AI access control adopts processed by local device, to ensure the extraction and comparison of face features within 150ms.


    Canaan AI access control can track and capture in a distance of 50-100cm. In addition, Canaan AI access control has own offline database stores 100,000 door opening records and 10,000 face features. The device can directly compare the face features of visitors in the local offline database  without could processing.


    Anti-spoofEffectively preventing face forgery


    Canaan AI access control supports face liveness detection, which can effectively preventing face forgery such as fake photos and videos.

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