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    AvalonMiner 1066 Pro test report
    publish date 2020-04-07

    Wabi.com, conducted a holistic review on AvalonMiner1066 Pro, with the following test report.


    In terms of its structure, the aluminium alloy body ensures the machines solid and reliable, which saves space for mining farm as well.


    There are four fans designed powerful, as well as the net and power supply unit (PSU) is made obvious, even less experience person can operate easily.




    The product specification label is seen the top of the machine as follows:


    Hash rate: 55TH/s (-3%~+3%)
    Power consumption: 3300W/h (-5%~+5%)
    Power efficiency: 60J/T±5%@25℃
    Net size: 331mm (L) X 195mm (W) X 292mm (H)
    Net weight: 12.8kg



    Three hash boards tightly wrapped by heat sinks, will be seen after removing the front fans, and a reinforced card slot is embedded in the chassis to ensure the machine solid and stable.


    By removing back fans, to remove the hash boards, unscrew the two screws attached to the PSU and unplug the cables connecting to the mainboard, which makes maintenance convenient and flexible.



    In terms of the MM board, one of the selling points of A1066Pro is the main control module embedded with K210 AI chip , self-developed by Canaan.



    Avalon’s operation and maintenance software named FMS supports a variety of operating platforms. Its user-friendly functions facilitate group operations in the background and its enhanced machine performance scanning capabilities enable real-time access to machine operating status. On this interface, we can see the model number, fan speed and real-time operation data.



    Switch to the configuration tab to configure the miner information.


    Wabi.com choose f2pool to cooperate with the test this time.


    The finding is that the A1066 series is equipped with an adjustable PSU, with low power consumption and high performance, which can be flexibly switched in the FMS software optimise the miners’ benefits.


    In summary, Avalon’s products have always been known for their stability. The A1066Pro is built up by solid materials and has excellent energy efficiency. The power result of the machine is slightly higher than the announced hashrate of 55TH/s, and the power consumption of 3239.4W is also within the announced range of 3300W/h (-5% to + 5%). The integrated PSU is designed to facilitate mining farm operation and maintenance management, and the cluster control function improves the efficiency of farm management.

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