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    Canaan donates CNY 1.2M to combat the novel coronavirus
    publish date 2020-01-30

    January 31, 2020 – Canaan and its CEO NG have made donations totaling CNY 1.2M to help the fight against the outbreak of new coronavirus-related pneumonia in Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai. In addition, Canaan announced it will collect donations and additional financial aid worth approximately CNY 2 million targeted at the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and containment of the coronavirus.

    Canaan is a corporation dedicated to social responsibility. The company conducts strict disinfection on every machine produced. This disinfection work is carried out by staff who have been trained in disinfection protocols. When the sterilization process is complete, the sterilized machine packaging will be labeled with the EC bilingual “sterilized” labels.

    We dedicated to serve you and provide you safe products of the highest quality. – Avalon Miner.

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