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    Canaan CEO attended in 2019 China Finance Summit
    publish date 2019-12-23

    On December 19, the 2019 China Finance Summit was held in Beijing. This summit was co-organized by the China Industrial Development and Reform Commission affiliated to the China Development and Reform Commission, a financial media subsidiary of China News Agency. The theme is “The Power of Innovation”. NG Zhang, the Chairman and CEO of Canaan, attended the forum as the sole corporate representative and delivered a keynote speech on “Connecting Everything with Computing and Integrating the World with Intelligence”.

    NG Zhang thought in the next decade, the industrial intelligent upgrade will move from social consensus to large-scale implementation. This is the combined force of changes in economic and technological forms in behind. From the perspective of technology, computing is the main axis that runs through the integration of various new technologies. At the same time, as technology evolves, computing faces different challenges. Most of the current networks are unstructured data, and structured processing of native data is required for machine learning. The challenge facing the current computing architecture is that it cannot fully meet the massive throughput required for machine learning. Transformation of computing architecture is imperative.

    NG Zhang also believes that AI chips are quite different from traditional chips. Traditional chip vendors are isolated from upper-layer applications and do not assume responsibility for developing algorithms, applications, and solutions. The prominent feature of AI chip manufacturers is that the development of upper-layer applications requires a deep understanding of user scenarios. After algorithm design, data acquisition, algorithm training and deployment, and upper-layer application development, finally products and services can be formed.

    As algorithms and scenarios become fixed, dedicated computing that meets specific computing power and power requirements will become the mainstream framework. NG Zhang also announced the design architecture of the second generation AI chip of Canaan. NG Zhang said that the new generation of Kanzhi K510 chip has been greatly optimized in algorithm and architecture. Compared with the first-generation chip, the K510’s computing power will increase by 5-10 times, and it will be developed for 5G scenarios. It will be used for landing applications in intelligent driving, smart retail and other fields.

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