Update New Controller and MM Firmware for AvalonMiner 721

AvalonMiner Controller

Firmware Details



  • Version: 20161121
  • Download link: 20161121
  • CGMiner: Support AvalonMiner 721
  • CGMiner: Add VIN to API
  • CGMiner: Added connection overload detection and API entry
  • CGMiner: Fix display mm status when stratum pool is failed
  • CGMiner: Fix hashrate issue caused by overheat
  • CGMiner: Flush useless works when new block was found



MM Firmware(Support  the AvalonMiner 721)

  • Version: 7211611-a574890
  • Download link: 2016-11-21
  • Add PG check support
  • Fix config and pll check
  • Update pwm controller
NOTE: The previous firmware works for AvalonMiner 721. The above firmware released for the AvalonMiner Controller and Raspberry Pi 1, 2, and 3 is officially starting to support AvalonMiner 721 from this current version. If there is a phenomenon where a user can update the MM firmware stating “it is not recognized,” please note that the controller firmware is normal.