AvalonMiner 721 Power Connectors

With the AvalonMiner 721 we upgraded the number and quality of power connectors.

The AvalonMiner 721 is ROQ Solid. In the AvalonMiner 721 we upgraded the number and quality of power connectors to increase efficiency and reliability of the AvalonMiner 721. The front face of the AvalonMiner 721 now has “8-on-front” 6-pin female power connectors so that an operator connects 8 of a power supply unit’s 6-pin male power connectors to an AvalonMiner 721. In our tests, Canaan has seen a 5-8 % increase in efficiency in our latest generation miner by moving from 4 power connectors to 8. Also, by connecting 8-on-front power connectors with quality cables, an AvalonMiner 721 should run even more consistently and reliably.

Please read more about the AvalonMiner 721 Power Connectors in this FAQ Question. If you have more questions, please do submit a support ticket.

Update New Controller and MM Firmware for AvalonMiner 721

AvalonMiner Controller

Firmware Details



  • Version: 20161121
  • Download link: 20161121
  • CGMiner: Support AvalonMiner 721
  • CGMiner: Add VIN to API
  • CGMiner: Added connection overload detection and API entry
  • CGMiner: Fix display mm status when stratum pool is failed
  • CGMiner: Fix hashrate issue caused by overheat
  • CGMiner: Flush useless works when new block was found



MM Firmware(Support  the AvalonMiner 721)

  • Version: 7211611-a574890
  • Download link: 2016-11-21
  • Add PG check support
  • Fix config and pll check
  • Update pwm controller
NOTE: The previous firmware works for AvalonMiner 721. The above firmware released for the AvalonMiner Controller and Raspberry Pi 1, 2, and 3 is officially starting to support AvalonMiner 721 from this current version. If there is a phenomenon where a user can update the MM firmware stating “it is not recognized,” please note that the controller firmware is normal.

AvalonMiner 721 & AvalonMiner Controller Shipping

As announced earlier, the AvalonMiner 721 and AvalonMiner Controller shipping begins. There has been massive demand for both products and we are working day and night to get your order together, processed and shipped out.

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The AvalonMiner 721 is ROQ Solid.

Sales Start Monday, November 14 from Canaan.io.

Today we are announcing the AvalonMiner 721: The ROQ Solid Miner. The AvalonMiner 721 is made with Reliable Open Quality.

The AvalonMiner 721 is Reliable. Embodying our latest A3212 processor using TSMC’s 16 nm process with Smart Layout, the AvalonMiner 721 packs 72 A3212 chips into each unit providing a consistent 6 Terahash per second (THS) at 900 Watts, all designed for long lasting operation.

The AvalonMiner 721 is Open. From upgradable Open Source firmware to using Off-the-Shelf Simple power supplies, controllers, and AvalonMiner Management Software (AMS), Canaan’s goal is to help you manage datacenters, not machines. With flexible open operation, the AvalonMiner 721 is designed to scale so you control your datacenter.

The AvalonMiner 721 is Quality. The AvalonMiner 721 is a datacenter miner. With aluminum printed circuit boards (PCBs), aluminum case, Smart Cooling, and Smart Frequency Adjustment, the AvalonMiner 721 is the Smart Miner.

The AvalonMiner 721 is $888 USD. Sales start Monday, November 14, with global shipments beginning Monday, November 21.

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