Avalon6 Manual Files Released, Invite Translators

Avalon6 Manual in Chinese, Setup for 1 or More, Translators Welcome

We made a new git repository for our sharing our Avalon6 Documents including our manual that has some cool graphics showing how to setup and connect one or more Avalon6 in parallel. This first document is in Chinese. We invite translators to work with us to make an English version or other language version. As we gather more Avalon6 documents, we will place them into our new repository and release the design assets under Creative Commons Zero 1.0 license (not including our logos and trademarks).

Have you started learning Chinese yet? Join us to translate the documents into public formats, English and other languages. Have fun!

Canaan Supports Open Source with Avalon6 Awards in Kano.is Competition

Canaan Announces Kano Pool Competition Winners & Talks Open Source Contributions

For the last few months, Canaan has awarded an Avalon6 each month to a winner in a competition run by Kano.is mining pool to users of the “Kano Pool” who “mine” a winning block. Read the rules and the competition might seem complex to if you are new to Bitcoin mining, however it is a fun way to learn how to use the Avalon6 to mine Bitcoin.

Congratulations to the winners!

The list of winners is: @indeec444 for January, @kilowatt for Febraury, @sercinsabri for March, and @Abramov for April.

Canaan supports Open Source.

And, you can trust the Kano Pool because the software it runs is Open Source, meaning the software source code is publicly available for transparent review. The Kano Pool run’s the software CKPool, developed by Con Kolivas and Andrew Smith. And, Canaan’s Avalon6 units are controlled by Raspberry Pi’s running cgminer, another Open Source project developed by Kano and Con Kolivas (ckolivas).

How does it work simply?

Canaan’s Avalon6 is controlled by a Raspberry Pi running cgminer software. This software then may be set to synchronize its work with the Kano.is Pool running CKPool so that your unit(s) power joins a pool to mine for solutions to earn Bitcoin in the process most call, “Bitcoin Mining.” For the Kano.is competition, you must win a specific block with a specific difficulty.


Canaan’s Avalon6 and our previous products are optimized to use CKPool and cgminer. We contribute to cgminer regularly and as Kano.is states, “Avalon is great with cgminer! The master cgminer git is kept up-to-date by [Canaan] submitting their changes, and they incorporate all the master cgminer changes!” In the world of mining, transparency is crucial. If you have a project or competition idea to support Open Source using Canaan products, please send love@canaan.io.

New Software Upgrades for Avalon6 & Raspberry Pi 2

New Power & Features for Avalon6 and Raspberry Pi 2 Controller

We released two firmware upgrades today. The first is for the Avalon6 and the second is for the Raspberry Pi 2 Controller that manages one or more Avalon6 hardware devices.

Upgrading your hardware is important. It brings new life to them and improves performance. We are the official manufacturer of the Avalon6 and provide service to you. Remember, Canaan is here for you and your Avalon products.

New MM firmware released for AvalonMiner 6.0, Hardware model: MM-60, Version: 601605-256e0f00

Upgrading the software for your AvalonMiner 6.0 is bringing it new power.

Firmware Details


  • The minimum stratum pool difficulty should >= 32 for better performance
  • Check API FIFO overflow
  • Add CODE_HOTBEFORE for hot notify
  • Add a new package AVA4_P_SET_FREQ
  • Support device hardware error
  • Fix duplicate share
  • Move stratum file to a lib
  • Update temp check

Emails: service@canaan-creative.com
IRC: #avalon @freenode.net


New firmware released for AvalonMiner 6.0 RPi (Raspberry Pi 2), Version: Avalon Firmware – 20160530

Upgrade your Raspberry Pi 2 and bring new features to life.

Firmware Details
RPi Firmware (Raspberry Pi 2)


  • CGMiner:Add more options to optimize hash rate when too hot occurs.
  • CGMiner:Support AV4 miner detect through IIC
  • CGMiner:Double check data size when use avalon4_auc_xfer
  • CGMiner:Update adjust_fan to avoid fan overshoot, Thanks to ckolivas
  • CGMiner:Update default target temperature for AvalonMiner 6.(68℃ to 65℃)
  • CGMiner:Support 6 machines maximum on an AUC

E-Mail: service@canaan-creative.com
IRC: #avalon @freenode.net


Hello World! We are Canaan.

Yes, Canaan is being acquired. We are committed to bringing your more innovations…

Hello World! We are Canaan. Yes, it is true. Canaan is being acquired by LYT, an electronics company. This deal is a vote of confidence in the three years of products and services we invented and released. This acquisition and investment provides us the necessary resources and autonomy to make even better products and innovations that our customers expect. Canaan’s expertise as an integrated circuit (IC) design company is strengthened.

These are big times for the blockchain, technology and innovation in the world. Amazingly, Canaan is based in Beijing, not Silicon Valley. We are a growing team of 100 working hard to bring great products and services to support people. We, like many of you, believe strongly in Open Source, the Decentralized Web, trying new things, building our families, eating good food, being healthy and making the world a better place.

I am N.G. Zhang, pronounced EN-GEE-JON-G, the founder and CEO of Canaan Creative. I am known for my fun technology projects which eventually led to making the repetition ASIC chips, blockchain hardware computers all the way up to our successful Avalon6 product. And, we are not finished! We have new products and innovations coming, deeper than integrated circuits and beyond the blockchain.

Do you have any questions about Canaan? Are you interested in writing a story about the Avalon product line? This is an invitation to journalists, technologists and enthusiasts to please write to us at love@canaan.io. Also, keep reading here for the latest updates, and follow us on twitter. Let’s work together to Grow the Blockchain.