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    Yes we CAN
    publish date 2021-10-18


    Enabled by a unique engineering culture with a commitment to craftsmanship coupled with academic expertise, Canaan is a company of firsts — from launching the world’s first digital cryptocurrency miner based on ASIC chips to becoming the first global blockchain stock with independent intellectual property rights in China.


    Today, we have released the Bitcoin mining industry’s first-ever rap, “Yes, we CAN”. Sung by hiphop artist, MC Han (@iamyunghan), the rap is not only a celebration of our milestones, our employees, and the AvalonMade ethos, but also a dedication to the Bitcoin mining industry and its innovators.


    As the cryptocurrency industry continues to achieve greater breakthroughs, we will also continue our tradition of innovation and extend our supercomputing capabilities to enable the application of emerging technologies, shaping the fabric of a truly modern, digital-first society.


    Yes, we CAN!

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