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    Crypto Influencer VoskCoin, With Over 195k YouTube Subscribers, Reviews Canaan’s Next-Generation A1246 AvalonMiner
    publish date 2021-02-06

    This week, Crypto influencer VoskCoin, with over 195k subscribers on his YouTube channel reviewed the A1246 AvalonMiner — our latest model of bitcoin miners. We had earlier launched the A1246 in Q3 2020, in response to growing consumer demand for speed, power and energy efficiency.



    Key highlights:


    High Performance: The A1246 boasts hash rates of up to 90TH/s at roughly 3,400W — one of the fastest and most energy efficient in the industry.


    High Profitability: The A1246 is highly profitable, consistently outperforming mining profitability calculators, both from a residential and an industrial mining farm point of view.


    Quick And Easy Set-Up Process: Setting up the A1246 is a seamless process.



    Overall, Vosk highlighted that the A1246 is the most profitable bitcoin miner on the market that remains available for purchase. In a supply-constrained environment, where competitors have faced significant challenges in meeting demand, we are glad that our multi-foundry supply chain model has served us well — enabling us to continue fulfilling new order requirements.



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