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    US-based ASIC Mining Hardware Retailer Blokforge Reviews Canaan’s Next-Generation A1246 AvalonMiner
    publish date 2021-02-06

    Launched in September 2020, our latest model of bitcoin miners — the A1246 AvalonMiner — continues to arrive around the world, making its way to renowned industry figures and mining farms as they ramp up operations in the coming months.


    This week, US-based ASIC mining hardware retailer Blokforge received their shipments of the A1246 and took the time to review the machine’s performance in comparison to some of our previous models. As a SHA256 cryptocurrency miner, AvalonMiners are often used for bitcoin mining but can be used for other cryptocurrencies based on SHA256 cryptography.



    Basic statistics:

    • Dimensions: 331mm x 195mm x 292mm
    • Weight: 12.8kg
    • AI Controller: Canaan’s self-developed Kendryte K210 AI chip; RISC-V Dual Core 64-bit



    Here’s what they highlighted:

    Competitive Pricing: While the A1246 sees similarities in terms of profitability and power-efficiencies when compared to other models released by our competitors, Blokforge emphasised that this model is priced at a far more accessible price point especially considering the current demand for mining rigs. This has been enabled by Canaan’s multi-foundry strategy, limiting disruptions to our manufacturing and supply chain capabilities.


    Multiple Operational Modes: The A1246 comes with a high-performance mode and a normal mode, and the machine’s new back-end software allows for easy toggling between both modes. The high-performance mode sees 90TH/s at roughly 3,400W.


    Simple Deployment: Deploying the A1246 is straightforward — plug in your C19 power cable into the power supply, plug in your RJ45 ethernet cable, and push the Power button as the indicator light flashes red, yellow, and green — and that’s all there is to it!


    A Better Interface: The A1246 also sees the debut of Canaan’s brand new, easy-to-use backend software interface which allows you to monitor each component of your machine independently — from the status of your network and your fan’s RPM as well as the temperature across each mining board within the machine. The Miner Log also provides detailed information on your machine’s performance from chip function to voltage as well as recording any potential issues.


    Pool Configuration Capabilities: The new A1246 interface allows you to configure up to three mining pools for your machine. If downtime is ever experienced on one pool, it will automatically switch to another one of the configured pools.


    Noise and Power: The A1246 is equipped with four cooling fans, registering an average of 84 to 86 decibels when operating. When running at 91.73TH/s, Blokforge observed that the machine was operating at 3,600W which is well within the 5 percent +/- bracket of power efficiency.


    Hash Rate Consistency: After Blokforge ran the A1246 for 18 hours, it clocked an average hash rate of 91.72TH/s and a real-time hash rate of 92.22TH/s — well within the 5 percent +/- bracket of the hash rate promised.


    Overall, Blokforge highlighted that the A1246 is extremely competitive when it comes to profitability, efficiency, software capabilities, and pricing. For a plug and play mining experience with easy set-up, look no further than the AvalonMiner 1246!

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